The Bearguins

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Watch for regularly posted web comics as we build the exciting, loving, and hilarious story archive of

the Bearguins. 

Who are the Bearguins? 

Maximus (aka Max or Maxy) – Penguin; scandalous at times, sarcastic, dramatic, filled with love and humor. He loves to eat, loves adventures, but can be lazy at times…

Ryu – (Ryu-Bear) – Bear; he is the older brother to Max — wise, sweet, and caring. Ryu is the logical, rational counterpoint to Max’s antics and silly behavior. He allows Max to be himself, but is always there to protect him from going to far…

Pearl – (Pearly) “little big sister” to Max; she is older than Max, but tiny — the littlest of the Bearguins!  She, like Ryu, is supportive of Max and his adventures and she loves him very much. She goes out of the way to ensure Max is happy, at even at perilous risk at times!

Momma & Poppa: The Bearguins mom and dad are loving parents, who love their Bearguin children more than anything. There is constant humor between the kids and the parents, especially from Max who is a “handful” at times. Sarcasm and jokes are constantly flowing in the story.