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The Creators:

The Bearguins is a comic strip written by husband and wife team Chrissy & Will Falcone and illustrated by Will Falcone.

About the comic:

The Bearguins is a comic series about a unique family consisting of a human mother and father and their Bearguin children. The Bearguins are comprised of Maximus the penguin, Ryu the bear, and Pearl the miniature elephant. The children embark on adventures with wacky and hilarious results. Maximus (Max) can be mischievous, but his heart is always in the right place. Max is very articulate, literal, and extremely imaginative. He also blends sarcasm with his creativity to the dismay and entertainment of his brother, sister, and parents. Max is often the ring leader of these adventures, but his supportive brother and sister are ever by his side. The trio learns many life lessons from each other and their parents as the stories unfold. The core of this story highlights this diverse family and their love for each other as they grow together.


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